Petras Slekys

Project Management Professional (PMP)®

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About me

Petras Slekys Over 6 years of management experience in the IT industry with a background in web development.
Successful delivery of projects and programs with large organisations, including Microsoft, Google and Mozilla.
Multiple award winner and international speaker. Entrepreneurial achievements include establishing start-ups and profitable sale of one entity.

Public Speaking

Over the past 6 years I have delivered over 50 speeches to wide ranging audiences of up to 4,000 people. The topics have ranged from motivational, inspirational, reflective conversation style pieces, to illustrating new technology, to focused talks with C-level delegates about how to engage and relate to the innovation generation. A few moments:

Verslas 2017
Business 2017, 500 CEOs
Ismani Lietuva
Innovative Lithuania 2016, 3800 people
Lithuanian Developer Days
Lithuanian Developer Days 2014, 60 developers
University College London, 75 students
GeeksInSchools 2016, 90 students
GameJam 2013, 80 gamers
Open Data Fest Vilnius 2015, 50 activists
VRtoSchools 2016, 80 students


I have completed over 50 projects and here are a few:

Volunteer Task Management System Stakeholders:Mozilla contributors and students. Key outcome:Partnerships with top London universities.
GeeksInSchools Stakeholders:High school students. Key outcome:Outreach of over 10,000 students.
ITedu Stakeholders:Primary and secondary schools. Key outcome:Resources used in over 20 schools.
Code Week EU
Code Week EU Stakeholders: Anyone interested in coding. Key outcome: Over 950,000 participants.
VRtoSchools Stakeholders:High school students. Key outcome:Outreach of over 3,000 students.
VetBee Search
VetBee Search Stakeholders:Pet owners. Key outcome:Over 50 vets enlisted.
Cloud Colours
Cloud Colours Stakeholders:Website owners and bloggers. Key outcome:Over 700 websites hosted.
Mozilla Developer Club
Mozilla Developer Club Stakeholders:Secondary School Students. Key outcome:Built a self sustaining model.

Technical Skills

I enjoy contributing my skills and competence in IT.

CMS (WordPress)
Back-End (JAVA/PHP)
Server Administration
Graphical Work
Using Google To Solve Problems

My latest creations:

Merry Christmas!
ChimpDeck Design
Mozilla Developer Club
VetBee Landing Page
SMASH tennis
VetBee Search

Work Experience

  • Telia Lithuania

    Project Manager (Consultancy)

  • CodeAcademy

    Lecturer (contract)

  • 3W Academy Lithuania
    1 year

    Lecturer (contract)

  • University College London
    1 year

    Teaching Assistant

  • ITedu (Google's initiative)
    2 years

    Program Manager

  • Mozilla
    1 year

    Strategic Advisor & Analyst (Community Engagement)

  • Mozilla
    4 years

    Volunteer: Official Representative in the Baltic States

  • European Commission
    3 years

    Volunteer: Lead Ambassador of Code Week

  • ChimpDeck
    1 year


  • Microsoft
    3 years

    Microsoft Student Partner

  • Internet Colors
    3 years


  • Lovetennis (SMASH)
    1 year

    Lead Front-End Developer

  • HUB Vilnius
    1 year

    Freelance Web Developer


  • Verslas 2017 conference

    Rated as the best speaker by the Top CEOs in Lithuania.

  • Credit Suisse Crossrail Innovation Challenge 2016

    1st place in the challenge - the best Crossrail Innovation proposal.

  • Open Data Fest 2015

    Awarded the project I managed as having the best business potential.

  • Dot Awards (International IT contest)

    2nd place for the best use of ICT tools in a web project.

  • Appreciations For Being A Mentor

    Technical evangelism in IT events, such as Lithuania Developer Days 2014.

  • Windows 8 App Contest

    1st place by Public in Windows 8 App Contest by Microsoft & Samsung.

  • "Entrepreneurs Youth“ camp

    1st place in an Economics, Finance and Business camp - „Entrepreneurs Youth“.